1. Sax players

    This is for sax players, or any horn player really.

    When I am in a  horn section with someone I haven’t played with or rehearsed with and there are no charts, I have some rules I try to abide by.

    1. When the other person is soloing, DON’T PLAY! if you need to figure out the tune, go to the side and get your bearings. Unless you’re playing Dixieland, or a genre that calls for it, there is no need for you to play in the other person’s ear while he’s playing.

    2. Try to get a part you can play together, then play it over and over again. It makes you sound like you’ve rehearsed. Now in Blues there are some standard things, but if you’re backing up a singer on a more jazzy tune, whole notes work just fine. (unless you pick one a 2nd away from what the singer is on. However, the point is, once you get something, don’t change it! 

    3. DON’T go wild at the end of every song. Pick your spots, show some respect for other people on the stage. 

    4. If the other guy/gal is not listening and just blasting over everything, smile and dance, play a little here and there, Look at the girls in the audience, Then blast over them every once in awhile.

    5. If they don’t get it, they don’t get it. But your job is to support the best sound possible. Most pros get this, most people who jam with blues bands and are not in sections do not get this. If they get more applause than you, keep smiling and looking at the girls. As a side note on this point, I’ve seen guys just pushing  that major third in a minor blues, and holding it. People applauded. Maybe it was just the tension they created, or the pose they had struck. But God help us if someone put it on youtube,

  2. Where I am today

    Maybe this is why I am where I am. I have all these papers to fill out for refinance, cars to get ready to sell, Things to clean and repair around the house, and what do I do? I’m not lazy or procrastinating. I am working on a song. For hours. And all this other stuff seems unimportant to me. That’s why I am where I am today

  3. While I’m on the subject.

    Read some history. What’s happening in SyriaQ is nothing new.  Read about the Ottomans in the late 19th and early 20th century, to see where ethnic and religious persecution can go.


  4. No King in America

    Look I am not political at all. I think we should just play music and dance and drive nice cars. However, a disturbing trend is to look to Obama for everything. he’s not the King! The comment “Why doesn’t Obama do something” shows a certain lack of knowledge of how our government is supposed to work. 

  5. The Ring Girls on the Broner vs. Taylor fightBroner vs Taylor
  6. EPUBS

    So I’m trying to make an epub, looks great on my Iphone (in iBooks) no good in Nook. Also the links aren’t working (most of the time) text links don’t work at all. Anyone else get this?